A new, affordable way to become a homeowner
By co-investing up to half your down payment, Crib Equity can help achieve your goals of becoming a homeowner sooner, and on better terms – saving you money and unlocking new purchase opportunities.

Check eligibility

Start an easy, no-cost application to see if Crib Equity is right for you. Once you’re pre-approved from an authorized lender, we're ready to go. 

Find your home

We work together with you, your agent and lender to support your home search and the purchase process. 

We invest together

Crib Equity provides up to half your down payment, doubling the dollars you have available to purchase.

Own a home you love

Enjoy your new home knowing you’ve unlocked greater value with no added monthly payments.

We’re here to help

Through our trusted partner network we offer cost saving programs and services to help maintain, update and care for your home.

Own on your terms

When the time is right, you can buy out Crib Equity’s investment by refinancing, selling or using savings. You’re in control.

Partners throughout

We've built Crib Equity to succeed when you succeed. From purchase, to caring for your new home, and then getting the most value when it's time to sell or refinance, we're with you every step of the way.


Crib Equity is a residential home purchase partner helping homebuyers achieve their home purchase goals by investing alongside them. Crib Equity creates new avenues to homeownership by helping buyers overcome the high upfront costs and obstacles to obtaining a down payment in order to purchase their desired home with a shared equity investment.

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