We double your client's down payment

Offer up to 25% more buyer purchasing power and expanded listing reach

Receive the latest program updates and client referrals.


Capture Qualified Leads

Let us send you qualified new client referrals. We help match Crib Equity homebuyers looking for an agent to the right partner to help with their home purchase.


Empower your buyers

Crib Equity can double your buyer’s down payment. Together we can new create opportunities for buyers who would otherwise miss out on a home they love.


Win more listings

Ace your listing presentation by showing sellers how access to the Crib Equity network qualifies their home for up to 2X down payment multiplier from buyers.


Commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of Crib Equity’s program for my clients?

Crib Equity helps both your buyers and sellers succeed. By co-investing with your buyers we help them get rid of PMI, increase their budget, and make more competitive offers that get them into homeownership sooner. For sellers, when we approve their home, we help generate more interest by opening up the set of qualified buyers that can afford to purchase their home.

Are there referral fees or additional costs associated with using Crib Equity for my clients?

Nope. You can close more deals at higher average sales prices, without additional cost. Crib Equity does not collect or pay any referral fees to agents who bring clients to our program. Preferred partners also receive leads from Crib Equity without collecting referral fees.

What’s required of my client to use Crib Equity’s program?

First, they must be purchasing or selling in a region where Crib Equity operates. Buyers must also have a preapproval from a qualified lender, the details of which will inform how much Crib Equity can contribute to the purchase. For sellers, just send us the property address and we’ll confirm our ability to be a co-investor in the home.

How do I write an offer in partnership with Crib Equity?

As a partner in the home purchase Crib Equity will need to be involved in the offer process. We don’t dictate terms, but we do need to be aware of the offer to ensure we've reserved funds for your buyer.

Are there additional requirements through the closing process with Crib Equity?

Once an offer is accepted, we follow the lender’s lead. As long as the property appraises and your client is successful in funding their loan, Crib Equity will handle the rest directly with escrow.

How do I become a preferred agent partner with Crib Equity?

Our aim is to increase access to homeownership. We believe this can be done by growing the pie for everyone. That’s why we offer leads to agent partners who also bring clients to Crib Equity. Together we can make more compelling offers, close more deals and bring more families into homeownership.

Offer your clients more

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Crib Equity is a residential home purchase partner helping homebuyers achieve their home purchase goals by investing alongside them. Crib Equity creates new avenues to homeownership by helping buyers overcome the high upfront costs and obstacles to obtaining a down payment in order to purchase their desired home with a shared equity investment.

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