Invest in the future of Homeownership

Cost-efficient, diversified investment in owner occupied single-family residential real estate

Why invest with us
Strong Returns

Access leveraged equity upside returns with downside protection across a diversified portfolio of owner-occupied homes.

Your Strategy

Define and control your investment strategy, we execute your buy box and offer transparency and oversight of your portfolio.

Make an Impact

Support homebuyers and your ESG initiatives with outsized returns and community impact.

Single-family residential at scale

Diversified Ownership

Deploy capital across a variety of geographic markets and home types, driven by your strategy.

No Carrying Costs

Access the single-family asset class without operating costs, all carrying costs are borne by the homeowner.

Tax Advantaged

Compound your growth with 1031 exchange eligibility.

Generate outsized returns and impact

Support homeowners and ESG initiatives by investing alongside homebuyers. Receive all the economics of equity ownership while creating access to homeownership and greater financial inclusion.

Invest in the future of homeownership

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Crib Equity is a residential home purchase partner helping homebuyers achieve their home purchase goals by investing alongside them. Crib Equity creates new avenues to homeownership by helping buyers overcome the high upfront costs and obstacles to obtaining a down payment in order to purchase their desired home with a shared equity investment.

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